51b3SpF8GmLEmma moved to Virginia Beach after the sudden death of a loved one. She thought it was a good place to live and easily found a job and a few close friends. She rented a house, had a dog and cat, and her parents were only a few hours away in Northern Virginia. Life seemed to be going well for her, until break-ins began to happen nearby. As her detective friends in Virginia Beach tried to find out who was to blame, she had just begun to date for the first time since Ben died. The men Emma dated both seemed like two nice men…but were they?

The break-ins continue, and one of Emma’s friends house is robbed. Mike, her detective relative and his wife Maggie, also beloved characters from Too Late To Run comes to visit her. Mike and Maggie are asked to help in the case. As they get to know Emma’s love interests, Maggie becomes more alarmed at one of Emma’s dates and realizes that he is very possessive. She wondered if he could be part of the break-ins…or worse. They became more worried as the robberies escalate. Maggie begins to learn enough where she wants to scream, “Emma, Oh my God, get away from him…”

But Is It Too Late….

She should have closed the blinds!

Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2018


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