Josh Abbott knew nothing of the paranormal world. The stories told by his beloved great-grandfather were just that: stories. He wanted nothing more than to serve his country. Joining the US Marine Corps, qualifying and excelling as a Scout Sniper gave him an immense sense of pride. Then, whilst on a mission in the Middle East, he wakes to find himself in a place, where an unknown organization will teach him the true meaning of Hell.

Dylann Creed was a cougar-shifter, born of shifter parents. Blaming herself for her mother’s death when she was a child, she rebelled against her father’s need to keep her safe by fleeing the family home, and making her living as a model with the help of her high school friend and photographer, Eric. Until one day, she comes across a male cougar caught in a trap.

Josh and Dylann. Will Dylann be able to heal Josh of both the mental and physical scars inflicted by those wanting to force him to change to a creature he had not believed existed? In return, will Josh be able to help the apparently free-spirited Dylann understand the true meaning of freedom? Will Dylann be able to convince her Marine that he can embody the spirit of Toho, the Spirit of the Cougar? Will Josh help Dylann to understand what that spirit can mean to her?

Contents are suited for an 18+ readership. Contains violence, sex and strong language.

Cindy Davis

Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2019

Verified Purchase
Excellent transition between character ‘voices’. I could ‘feel’ each character, much of which was created by great introspection. I’m not usually a fan of shifter stories because they are so unnatural, but Toho made the shifter world real for me. The suspense created by his character was very well done. I loved the addition of the child Dylann because it removed the ‘need’ for a romance. Nice work. With another round of edits, this book could warrant 5*


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