Lab Safety & Equipment (Teaching Chemistry in a Diversified Classroom) by Sammie Jacobs


Sam lab safety

Home-school teachers, chemistry teachers, and parents looking for an edge, the opportunity is here!

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Teachers, parents, and educators of all kinds – welcome to my classroom! Here within these pages, and in fact, this entire series, are lessons and activities that I have created and used with my own students over the years presented in an easy-to-use format. Through trial and error, hardship, and success, I have learned how to present the difficult world of introductory chemistry to students in scalable terms, ways that lend themselves to a wide variety of learners. So, if you teach in a small class, large class, average class, have ESL or SPED, or even if you are homeschooling, you will find the flexibility of my lesson plans tailor-made for you. Each unit includes a complete calendar plan, lessons for each classroom day for forty-five minutes of instruction each, and even formative and summative assessments to check for learning. Simply use the lessons, scale them as need be, and augment whenever you like.

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