It’s a mid-summer evening on the huge, modern Elmwood Estate. A new tenant loiters, unsure where, exactly she needs to go. A sensation of dread eventually guides her to The Willows, a tiny cul-de-sac of four properties tucked away at the farthest corner. The tension in the air feels like an electrical charge and Rebekah fears she might have bitten off more than she could chew when she agreed to act as helper to Julian, Guardian Angel of Hopless Cases. But what choice did she have? Due to her relentless wailing in the Abyss, every soul in the Kingdom of Heaven had been driven to the end of their tether. So Julian offers her a second chance. Her task is to help some mortals even more hopeless than herself and in the process try to win back the love and trust of Luke, the love of her life. If she fails, there’s only one place she’s going – downstairs! But laying her hands on her larger-than-life neighbours, in order to heal them is sometimes easier said than done, With Obnoxious Audrey’s emotional outbursts, Rebekah’s chances of healing her seem impossible. And pretty soldier-girl, Gillian is stuck to Luke like a bad smell that just can’t be eliminated. Rebekah’s allocated time on Earth is ticking away. With every passing day she becomes weaker and she is still nowhere near completing Angel Julian’s task. Her beautiful wings have long-since turned to dust. What will be her fate? Rebekah aka Ruby forms friendships like she’s never known before in this story of true love.

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Vision Quest

December 14, 2014

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I am going to confess to loving “Angel” stories. Eons ago I use to watch all of Michael London’s ”
Highway to Heaven” series and I ended up with tears in my eyes at the end of nearly episode. LOL
While living, Rebekah was a drug addict who fell in love with Luke. Though Luke loved her, he walked away from her until she could clean up her act and become drug-free. She cleaned herself up and Luke ended up proposing to her. BUT one of Rebekah’s former drug buddies dumped a roofie into her drink. She ends up overdosing and dying in Luke’s arms. Luke was devastated and believed it was a relapse.
Feeling hurt and rejected and not wanting Luke to think that she was at fault, Rebekah made a huge fuss in heaven. Finally she was tasked with going back to earth to live amongst some mortals who desperately needed help and guidance. The deal was, IF she made a positive difference on earth, she would once again become mortal. If she didn’t, she would travel the downward road to hell.

What a great start to an angel story. The challenge for Rebekah is that the people she is sent to help out, are pretty hopeless. Will she be able to make a difference before her time runs out?

Author, Angela Gascoigne has done a FABULOUS job in creating a cast of characters with real problems, challenges and “devils.” I found myself turning pages faster and faster to find out what would happen. Will Rebekah redeem herself in the eyes of Luke? Will she get him back? Will she be able to stay on earth or will she be banished to Hell?

This is a great “feel good” story. Romance, love, friendship and redemption.


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