“Great Intriguing Winter Read!!” – Stranded on Vail Mountain (Vail Mountain Trilogy Book 1) by Desiree L. Scott

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It was supposed to be a vacation, a time to save her marriage, but what Joan Clayton hadn’t counted on was Murphy’s Law of Vail Mountain and the secrets that had damaged her marriage beyond repair. It was over. Depressed and angry, she decided to venture directly into an oncoming snowstorm, one that would be known as the blizzard of the century.
Stephen Brockheart received the call concerning a missing tourist after working 26 hours straight. A park ranger for the mountain resort, he set out on the routine mission, knowing he was running out of time as the blizzard hit with visibility zero. What he hadn’t counted on was saving a beautiful woman and falling for her, a city girl who knew nothing about the dangers of the mountain. He had been there before and vowed never to return.
As Mother Nature raged, Joan was soon overcome by the feelings a complete stranger evoked in her, causing her to reevaluate her own life. Through the blizzard and stranded at the resort, death was imminent for any who would try to leave. Despite loss and secrets, can two people find love and happiness again?
Can they be given a second chance to make it real and lasting, or will that chance die with them?
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Great Intriguing Winter Read!!
By Stephanie

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this book….first let me say while I don’t like winter, I love a good blizzard if I don’t have to be out in it.

This is the story of Joan and Michael who take a vacation to the mountain resort to get their marriage back on track. Trouble is there are too many outside forces working on that, and when her BFF shows up “coincidentally” the same weekend, Joan is suspicious. She is frustrated and goes for a hike. Things take a turn for the worse, including the weather, and Stephen, one of the park rangers is sent out to find her.

Their attraction is mutual once they meet….

They sat side by side, not touching and yet so close. He could feel her body heat, and with the blizzard raging outside and the world cut off and quiet, their closeness felt that much more powerful.

I was totally engaged with the rest of this book, and I’m not sure how to review it since there were so many things I just didn’t see coming and don’t want to give anything away. There are so many emotions I felt reading this, depending on the characters.

This was a great little read, especially in winter, and I loved it!!


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