“STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART…” – A Poet’s Journey (Emotions) by Marta Moran Bishop

Marta a poets journey emotions

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Charming Poetry!

By J. C. Powelson

Marta Moran Bishop’s latest book of poems is sure to please her faithful readers and attract many new ones as well! “A Poet’s Journey: Emotions” is divided into sections that contain poems organized by emotions, so it is easy to locate poems and read the ones that strike your fancy at a given time. No matter what your mood is, this book contains a poem for you! There are several fun and lighthearted poems and many serious poems, such as “A Tribute To My Mother,” and “I’m Not Ready To Lose My Sister.” These two particular poems brought tears to my eyes, as I read them and related them to my own family and life.

Whether reading one of Bishop’s serious or fun poems, her poetic style is straightforward and simple, which makes her poems enjoyable to readers who may not even normally favor poetry. The poetry lines flow well and make her poems easy to read and understand. Readers can focus on the emotions that are stirred by these beautiful and descriptive poems. “A Poet’s Journey: Emotions” is a book that you will read and reread for years to come. Bishop’s poems are classic and timeless and may be read alone or shared with others.

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I truly enjoyed this collection of poems from Marta Moran Bishop. The deep emotions, observations, and insights come straight from her heart onto the page. “Life’s Miracles,” one of my favorites, talks about how busy society is, so focused on the television that we forget to focus on life. The poet’s style is short and simple, but abounding in truth.

The poems she wrote for her mother and sister, “A Tribute To My Mother,” and “I’m Not Ready To Lose My Sister,” are poignant, heart-wrenching, beautiful, and immensely relatable. In other poems, her sharp words for those who have hurt her pack a wallop. These poems make the reader think about her/his own life and those who have strayed, betrayed, or merely played with one’s emotions. What I love about Marta Moran Bishop’s work is that while vulnerable, she always shows her ability to rebound, to gather strength, and to help others by sharing her truths.

With an appreciative and loving eye for the outdoors, she has a keen and special way of embracing the nuances of nature.

The author’s first book, Wee Three: A Child’s World, remains one of my favorite books of children’s verse.


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