“Is the pull strong enough to keep them together?” – “MacKalvey House” (Time After Time Series) by Carol Ann Kauffman

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After college graduation, young American Michelle Rosemont visits a quaint, little village in England and decides to stay. She takes a job as a photographer for a historical magazine and meets Kenneth MacKalvey, an older British author.
Their mutual attraction is instantaneous, but can she deal with his dark and shady past or will old family scars and secrets stop her from trusting him and keep them apart forever?
They are opposites in every way. Can they find happiness together despite their major differences?
Twists and turns at every corner heighten the suspense in this cozy village mystery.
In this new and exciting chapter in the many lifetimes of our eternal lovers and soulmates, they find each other again. In every new lifetime, fate tends to keep them apart until they’re ready to face the obstacles and handle the burning yet beautiful emotions of love.

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Is the pull strong enough to keep them together?

By Valerie Roberson

Kenneth MacKalvey is a wealthy man. He inherited the family business, he has written many books, he is an artist and owns an art gallery. But most of all, he is known for his rude, bad mouth, nasty self. His reputation on a scale of 1-10, is a 0.
Michelle Rosemount has only been in England for a short time. With a degree in Early Childhood Education, she left the states to start a new life. Working as a photographer for a historical magazine, she loves taking pictures of the manors, castles, and ruins.
Michelle has read every book Mr. MacKalvey has written. She feels like she knows him, really knows him. She wants to be with him in every way possible. She deep down loves him. Kenneth heard her voice for the first time and knew that they belonged together and always have and always will. He is drawn to her.
Carol Ann Kauffman puts together the perfect English gentleman who meets the beautiful American, but what she doesn’t do is make it sappy. She shows how a true drawl to a connection can be, that opposites do attract. Come on you two, get it together!
The love story of Kenneth and Michelle isn’t much different than most, on-again, off-again. But theirs has an evil redhead to come between them and make matters way worse than expected. This redhead relishes in all of it. All she wants is his name, money, house, and children. Will she get any of it?
At one point when Michelle is swearing Kenneth off and needs a break from life, she heads to Italy with her best friend and aunt. She is enjoying the beautiful land around her until there is a man set up for her. She gets very drunk, insults everybody, and runs to the olive trees. This man follows and well. let’s say they see the olive trees in a different way. This man stays in her life as a very good friend. He helps her start her own business and helps her to forget Kenneth by having her live with him, far away from Kenneth.
Who does Michelle end up with in the end? Well, the ending was a huge surprise! I never saw that coming at all. Carol did a good job with subtitle hints along the way that I didn’t see until after I read the ending. Another fantastic story in the Time After Time Series! This series is a must-read!


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