“Well-written with great character development. Highly Recommended.” HIGHLAND LIGHT BY CHERIME MACFARLANE

“This is a richly detailed historical romance. The life and times of the early fourteenth century Scottish Highlands along with religious persecution makes a stunning backdrop for this wonderful tale. Well-written with great character development. Highly Recommended.”
“The romance between the young teenagers is about a couple who are in the midst of their raging hormones and the devotion they feel to each other. Their love and the surrounding war provide enough romance and adventure to give the reader a nice mix of action and emotionally charged love scenes to please those looking for the best of both worlds.”
“Oh. My. Days…! I would like to call Highland Light a romance, but it is so much more than that. It is an epic story about innocent young love, set in the backdrop of war. MacFarlane did a staggering job of bringing 14th Century Scotland back to life, and her attention to detail must be commended.”

Ailene: I’m nae a beauty, nae all honey and cream. There is tha glen and as small as tha holding is a few offered for me. I must wed but there is yet a chance for me tae find a man who will appreciate my talents. Robert The Bruce has had a treasure drop in his lap. Knights Templar fleeing Philip of France asked for sanctuary here. They will be disbursed within his supporters by marrying women like me. I thought any of them might do until I caught sight of tha young one.
Gideon: I know nothing other than weapons and war. All who accompanied the Master of the Temple here must wed a clanswoman. I’ve no choice. ‘Tis all or none. I agreed and will marry the woman whoever she may be.


Trudie Collins

Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018

Verified Purchase


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