“A great story of dragons, magic, and romance. Lovely” – The Dragon’s Storm: A Breath of Fyre Novel: (A Dragon Romance) Kindle Edition by Andi Lawrencovna

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Line Blurb
Are you brave enough to dare the Dragon’s Storm?
Long, long ago, long before man learned to worship gods or fear the power of the unknown, there were dragons to bow before.
Dragons who ruled the world.
Who could bury it beneath a flood of rain born from the drop of a tear or crack the earth asunder with a step upon its sands?
But that was long ago before the beast was trapped beneath the seas for his impertinence of befriending the woman whose power called to his own before her descendant stood upon the shoreline and begged the sleeping giant to save the world that had relegated him to myth and legend.
Havence Ilvanysto had always been taught to fear the dragon. That he would destroy everything she held dear if he was released from his watery prison, but her world was ending, and he was the only hope she had.
Ouros swore vengeance against the witch who he thinks imprisoned him and all who came after her. He didn’t care what her reasoning was, so long as her line suffered as he had been forced to suffer for centuries uncounted.
But how can he keep to his vow when the only one brave enough to stand with him in the eye of the storm, is the one he’s sworn vengeance against?
Line review

A great story of dragons, magic, and romance. Lovely

A Breath of Fyre novel, this is a thrilling tale of dragons and ancient gods, magic, and romance. The relationship between Havence and Ouros really winds through the story, keeping the reader hooked as they want to find out what happens to them. An excellent read.

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