“Kudos to the author once again on capturing my imagination.” – Eyes Beyond The Wall by Gary D. Henry

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Meet the Calvert’s, a family both blessed and cursed since the 1600s. Their first-born’s have always been males who excel at whatever business endeavor they take on—but die young, in strange circumstances, soon after they reach the pinnacle of business success. The females born to the Calvert’s cannot bear children and die young because of ill health. The latest couple in this long line of brilliant and tragic family members is Perry and Jessica Calvert. They, as generations of Calvert’s, attempted to break the evil curse. They just might… Meet Max and Terri Porter, Perry’s best friend, and younger sister. Frightened for business success himself due to his family’s curse, he planned on using his formative skills to make Max’s business dreams and plans succeed, while he comfortably stayed a silent partner.
The Porters were also godparents—the second parents—to Perry’s daughter, Connie. Because Perry’s firstborn was a daughter, he thought that it broke the long-standing family curse. However, he created another, more cruel curse, for his daughter to endure. Max buys a castle in upstate New York, where both families shared memories and lives. But this castle, built by Alonzo Antonelli in the mid-eighteen hundreds, holds dark mysteries and hidden rooms and fables of hidden treasures that lied within. Subsequent generations of sons of the Antonelli family disappeared mysteriously within the walls of the manor attempting to find the treasure. What’s behind the walls of this house that caused such pain to three families?
Accompany Connie, Perry’s daughter, as she goes on a search—a quest—to stop the curse, and to unravel the mysterious Antonelli disappearances. She accused fate for her many tragedies in life and gallantly fought it to change her lot in life and by doing so destroying the curse. She set out to rescue the castle from that unseen and unknown entity –fate.
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Curse you.

Eyes Beyond the Wall is a different kind of book in which it starts out as historical in explaining a family line and the wealth they incur. A curse will plague the family. That part I will let you read about and not spoil it for you. Everything seems to run wonderfully until Constance comes along. A roller-coaster of emotions are evoked in this drama/thriller. Sometimes I had to wonder where the author got his material. But then I figured his muse hit him at different times and made the book a success. A lengthy read with well-developed characters. I recommend this book for a rainy weekend read. Kudos to the author once again on capturing my imagination.

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17 gary


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