“This book draws the reader in from the very first page and keeps them until the last word.” – Love Changes by Marsha Casper Cook

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Second chances are possible but only if the lies and compromises are gone.

Martin had lost his first wife and daughter in a horrible car accident and it took him years to fight the sadness he woke up with every day. When he met Elaine everything changed. He married her and their new life made Martin forget all the pain. Once again life was good.

After feeling such happiness the second time around Martin never expected tragedy to once again be knocking at his door, but it had. If Martin had known the truth about Elaine’s past he would have been able to help her but her fear of the truth became her reality and the fact that they loved each other didn’t seem to be enough. Elaine came up with a solution she thought would be for the best. Martin went along with her plan but it put him in a compromised position and very unhappy, but he loved his wife so much he agreed to live her lie.

The stakes were very high but Martin thought in time he could change her mind but as the years passed the only thing that changed was Elaine. She became withdrawn and uneasy and finally when things got out of hand and Martin couldn’t control anything that happened it was a downward spiral and everything they had worked to achieve began to crumble.

Could Martin save his wife from herself? Would Elaine let that happen?

For love, Martin would do anything and Elaine loved him for that, but would that be enough?

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An enjoyable book

Love changes by Marsha Casper Cook draws the reader in from the very first page and keeps them until the last word.

Martin was happily married with a wonderful wife and daughter, when one fateful day devastation came knocking at the family home, the wife and daughter were involved in a car accident that took their lives. As the years passed he fought through the sadness he woke with each day. However, Martin met Elaine and his life began to change for the better. They married and with his new life, Martin finally forgot the pain, making his life great again.

However this second time with the happiness he was surrounded by, a cruel twist of fate once again saw tragedy knocking on his door. Unfortunately, his second wife Elaine kept her past secret, although fearing the truth of her past becoming a reality and although they loved one another it could all be ruined was the mistake, the pair have to face the consequences of now in their present.

The way the characters have been constructed and written makes them easy to empathize with and even hate at times. It’s wonderfully created and very enjoyable, a definite recommend.

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