“Marta Moran Bishop’s DINKY shows the reader that all life is valuable ” – Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal by Marta Moran Bishop

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Winnie Award Winner at the Equus Film Festival. Best Equine Rescue book.
Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal is the story of one little foals fight for survival after being taken from his mother within hours of his birth. Dinky, takes us on a poignant trip through the heart and mind of an animal, who was born for the sole purpose of producing milk in the mare. In the elite world of horses, Dinky was considered a by-product, a ‘junk foal.’
Dinky’s story will resonate with animal lovers, as well as anyone who has adopted it. Although a horse, his story has been called an adoption story. The reader can follow him through the heartbreak, cruelty, loneliness, and finally to happiness in his forever home. His story is based on true events. Each event from the moment the author met Dinky actually happened, though it is the author’s interpretation of what he might have been thinking and feeling during the occasions described in his story. His early life which is unknown has been fictionalized by the author and constructed through research and imagination.
There are many wonderful animal rescue leagues, many are very empathic to these young animals, though some are not. Since Ms. Bishop has no knowledge of Dinky’s early days, she used the latter to enhance the strength of his story.
It will break your heart, open your eyes, lift you up, and teach you much about horses. It is suitable for all ages.
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Marta Moran Bishop’s DINKY shows the reader that all life is valuable

If you have had the pleasure to spend any time with Marta Moran Bishop you know that she is a lover of life. That is true in the way she treats humans as well as animals. The story of Dinky is one that should give all of us pause, and since Marta allows us to see the world through Dinky’s eyes we are able to realize just how important all life is.

To know that some consider life easily expendable once it has served its purpose is difficult enough, but imagine being the one looked at as being worthless and less than. How would you feel knowing that to somewhat you have to offer is more valuable than your life? Through Dinky the Nurse Mare’s Foal we see Dinky handle life in a new environment and how some saw him worth saving and wanted to help him survive and thrive.

The book is entertaining but it’s hard to read it and now think what if Dinky was a human being. How would you feel in that situation? Would you give up or do all you could to live a healthy happy life.

Showing the flaws of the world that we live in while also reminding us of our opportunity to showcase our humanity this book reminds the reader that all life is valuable—it’s just up to us to see it. 5-star review from Cyrus Webb – he ranks 250 in Amazon top reviewers

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