One more gift from Author Ryanne Anthony – 99c/99p for one week only – Mended (The M Series Finale)

Ryanne mended speacial

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Line Blurb
Due to past events, two people, who shouldn’t have known one another’s names conceive a baby, after falling in love at first sight. Most are not willing to accept this union. Despite the blessings of the one person who should’ve forbidden this child’s father joining the family, the heartbroken expectant mother severs the relationship, believing she is the only one who will suffer for it, but doing so will keep her family together. Will she regret choosing her father over her child’s? She tries to believe everything will work out in the long run; that after the ending of her relationship, this family will not suffer more than what they have.
The father, equally heartbroken, has the support of his own tight-knit family, still loving the woman he instantly fell for and wishes everything would come together soon after their son is born. That’s if his ex-girlfriend doesn’t sever them forever.
Line review
Lady McReader

Woe, whoa, and woahhhhhh!!

This is closure! Tears, laughter, anger, this book had it all! I just can’t believe these characters were cleaned up like this and there’s no wondering with either them. Absolutely loved everything. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
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