Can she tolerate being around the person who betrayed her, to make her girls happy? – Mercy’s Angel’s (Elizabeth’s Story) by Barbi Barnard

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Every little girl dreams of her future. Whether it be college and a career or marriage and babies. All our life we think about what we are going to do “someday”. Lizzy has dreams. She and her Daddy sat and planned for places to visit, things to try and people to see. With the death of her father when she was ten, she put the list away. Her mother’s depression and her own feelings of abandonment left her without a purpose. Where would be the enjoyment without her whole family to share it with?
By the time she was ready for high school, Lizzy has come to terms with a life full of bumps. Mom has had one boyfriend after another searching for the happiness she had before. Moving to new neighborhoods with each one. Kids are mean at school and friends don’t come easy when you didn’t get to attend with them from kindergarten. Being a semi-loner with only a few girls she can call friends she learns to be self-sufficient. She makes good grades and tries to make her home life easy on her mom. But that all comes to a stop when the latest boyfriend pays too much attention to her growing body. Mom doesn’t notice and the only option she sees is to leave. On her own at sixteen is not ideal, but it’s better than not having any choices.
Streetlife is hard and there isn’t a day that goes by that the thought of going home doesn’t cross her mind. Finding others just like herself makes it bearable. Surviving is easier when you’re not the only one. Then one day, she meets him. That one person that makes you wish for more. Spending time with them makes your day brighter. It makes you wish for everything again. Never think it’s all just an illusion. Betrayal of the worst kind. Pain and humiliation become the norm, and it’s all his fault.
Thirty years later, after making her way in life and bringing her girls with her, she has it all. A successful business and friends who respect her. Living quietly does make for town gossip, but that is just talking. She is content with everything she has and what she fought for. Until he comes back. With him come memories better left in the past. Can she survive with her heart and mind intact? Can she tolerate being around the person who betrayed her, to make her girls happy? This is Lizzy’s story. The final installment of the Mercy’s Angels. What happened to take the light away from her eyes? Why does the past have to resurface now?

Line review

Lori B.

Do not miss this one. Excellent finish for the Mercy’s Angels series.

This was a tough read for so many reasons but the best in the series by far. So much happened to Elizabeth, it is heart-wrenching but so hard to put down. You connect with her in the other books but this one has you wanting to hold her hand to get through her past. It is not a book you will soon forget. I recommend reading from the beginning and understanding how and why. It’s an awesome story and an awesome series.

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