Keeping the Upper Paw (A Cat’s Guide to Training Your Human) by Marta Moran Bishop – #Humor&Entertainment, #CatDog&Animal Humor, #Humor

Marta cat guide to training your human 6-4-18

Line Blurb
Keeping The Upper Paw: A Cat’s Guide To Training Your Human, began with scraps of paper that were found lying around the house. It is a humorous look at life through the eyes of a cat.
All of the cats in this book were once a part of the family, cohabiting together in the household of, Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop.
Morris, the elder cat, Beau, his second in command, Kitten a cat who liked to get physical, Poofie, a small gray boy, who dreamed of being an only cat, Champ, the shy one, Mikey the playful boy, Sheba, the only girl, and Little Bit, the baby all lived, played, and trained their humans.
Both Ms. Moran and Ms. Bishop, have described their part in this book as merely the typists.
Line review
Sherrill S. Cannon

This Little Book is Purrrrfect!

This is an adorable interpretation of the cat world, and I found myself smiling through most of it. Having been owned by many cats throughout my life, I truly related to this cute book. I’ve immediately gifted it to two of my “cat-people” friends, and suggest you do the same. Thanks for a smiling read…

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