Contract for Seduction by Barbi Barnard and Doll Conrad – #RomanticErotica, #BDSMErotica

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She was the Ice Queen. Committed and dedicated to her career. But she had a secret. One revealing night in Madrid with a handsome stranger showed her that had the ability to relinquish control. And then, she vanished. For two years. Searching relentlessly. Mateo and Markos want her. But they want her to fully submit – mind, body, soul. The beautiful way they show her what it means to be in submission to them is something everyone should experience. She’s strong-willed. Mateo won’t settle for less than everything she has to give. Markos wants her – for now, for always.
Read how one woman fell in love with two Masters, signing a lifetime contract for seduction.

Pam Foley

Double Trouble

Markos and Mateo

Two brothers who know what they want. Their similar tastes are bolstered by different personalities.
But, they have a common goal.


Her life is so smoothly controlled, that relinquishing anything into someone else’s keeping even
Momentarily is unimaginable.

Will the two men have what it takes to reign her in? Or will the contract end on a sour note?

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