NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER -Winter: Book VII of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony


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Winter Bennett-Mathey experienced marriage at 18, motherhood at 20, a partnership in a successful beauty shop at 26, and at 44, she had three adult children who were all off in the world becoming responsible adults.
Winter discovers she’s showing signs of aging. Mortified, Winter decides to change her life habits, and includes her husband in the new routines.
William Mathey chose a different path for his mid-life crisis; in the process, he manages to sever his almost thirty-year marriage.
Devastated, Winter makes more changes. After the loss of a loved one, William notices his ex-wife was not as her body was showing him, and decides he needs to get his ex back but does Winter feel the same, especially with others expressing wants and needs of the woman he abandoned?
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