Rendered (The Irrevocable Series, Book 1) by Samantha Jacobey – #PostApocalypticScienceFiction, #RomanticSuspense

Sam Rendered 6-11-18

#EndoftheWorld #thriller #suspense #SweetRomance #SamJac
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Rendered – book 1 of the Irrevocable Series – from affluent beginnings, BAILEY DEWITT’s life has become a broken mess… After her parents died unexpectedly, she was sent to live with her renegade uncle in a community of preppers. She didn’t think it could get any worse, but when the arrogance of man catches up and puts the entire world into a dooms-day spiral, there will be only ONE PLACE she can run to… the ONE
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Viv Drewa

This is a remarkable book! A real page-turner!

Jacobey’s characters are believable, and you find yourself sympathizing with them, loving them, hating them.
Her story keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next to Bailey; a teenager who lost her parents and, along with her six-year-old twin brothers, is uprooted from their home in Illinois to live with their uncle in a place called The Ranch.
Bailey’s life is at stake, and she has to do what she can to save herself.
You will really love this book!
I highly recommend it!

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