JETTISON! by Michael Bussa – #EspionageThrillers, #MysteryThriller&SuspenseShortReads

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It’s 1962. The prisons are overcrowded and it’s about to become worse due to budget cuts. Cain Cardwell, the President of the United States has a plan. Move the worst offenders on death row to a remote island.
His closest confidant, Jackson Draper, has doubts, realizing that the president has an alternate agenda that is too sinister, even for a rogue president. Now, he must risk his own life to stop the madman, in a race against time.
The clock is ticking…
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High Flyin’
Commander in Chief, gone mad!

This gripping short story will have readers intrigued right from the start. A tale of a president with his own nefarious agenda and those close to him who are in wittingly sucked into his mad plan. In true Bussa style, you won’t connect all the dots until the very last paragraph.
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