Summer: Book VI of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony – #ContemporaryWomensFiction

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Natalia Wilde had a mother at who the devil himself would shake his head… Anitra Wilde feigned illnesses for Natalia in order to take advantage of kind strangers and businesses, for her own personal greed, and forced her daughter to endure treatment after treatment, until her accomplices turned on her to save themselves. Natalia’s world crumbled when she discovered all her mother’s schemes, but, with the help of therapy, she survived it all, and denounced her imprisoned mother. A natural survivor, Natalia graduates from college, and soon after, is installed in the Chicago Public School system and loves her true, close, and protective friends Charise, her college dormmate, and her husband, Camden. Having dinner in Eliza’s Homestyle Diner, Natalia encounters Elijah Timmons, a precocious, motherless nine-year-old, who instantly steals her heart and every minute of her free time. Natalia also finds love with the diner’s handsome owner, and a connection to young Elijah she never thought possible.
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