Entwined (A New Life Book 3) by Samantha Jacobey – #RomanticAction&Adventure, #Suspense

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A New Life Series is an epic adventure. TORI FARRELL’s life IS one wild story… escaped from a biker gang and running from drug lords… used by the FBI and hoping to protect her present from her past… IT’S DARK – IT’S BRUTAL, and it’s WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! (Mature read, 18+ for graphic sexual content and violence, including rape)
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Amy Moyer

WOW !!!!! Not what I was expecting !

SO after reading and loving both Captive and bound I thought that I had a good sense of where Entwined was going. I could not have been more wrong, and that my friends is why I love the writing of Miss Jacoby. She keeps me engrossed in her amazing stories that are always fresh and new and never boring.
This installment of Tori’s story has just sucked me in even further and raised the bar for other stories. Entwined has reaffirmed that Tori is tough as nails, smart, and resourceful, while allowing Tori to grown and redefine herself. This novel brings so much more depth to Tori, and kept me invested even more than the previous novels. Samantha has introduced Michael into the story and god love him he is a good guy, which is new for Tori – Samantha wrote with amazing detail and flourish bringing the reader insight into Tori’s internal war that she struggles with having this new person in her life. One that has now given her new direction. But it seems that Tori’s broken soul has a few more hurdles to overcome since everyone is as invested with her as the readers are. I can not wait until the next installment to find out just what happens next !!!!!

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