Karma’s Legacy (Summer Spirit Novellas Book 6) by Samantha Jacobey – #Fantasy, #NewAdult&College

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The Magical Adventure continues!

If you liked the Summer, Dark and Forgotten Angels in the first segment of the Summer Spirit Novella Series, you are going LOVE what happens when Karma gets involved. Are they a race of ancient beings, here for the benefit of mankind? Or is a group of marauders poised and ready to strike us down when we least expect it?

Charlie must find the truth and his inner strength for any hope of freeing Clarisse and ending the battle… (New Adult)

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Viv Drewa

I absolutely love this series!!

Jacobey makes fiction feel so real which is what I love about her books!
In this book, we learn so much more about Karma and Father and where they actually came from.
Charlie and Clarisse are married and happy but Charlie still feels like something is wrong, but doesn’t know if it’s Karma or Father causing the trouble.
You need to read the first five books to really appreciate this one and I highly recommend this series.

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