Deadly Decision (Carson Reno Mystery Series – Book 15) by Gerald W. Darnell – #Mystery, #Thriller, #Suspense, #Hard-Boiled, #Murder

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Carson Reno, Mystery Series Books, are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
When a Tennessee Highway Patrolman is mysteriously murdered, the clues are non-existent. Police have the name of a possible suspect, but he’s nowhere to be found. Carson gets involved at the request of the local sheriff, but when the best lead disappears; his assistance is no longer needed.
Things are not what they seem, and it appears the bad guys are winning this war of wits. Everyone has more questions than answers, and just when it seems the mystery has been solved, Carson discovers that it has only gotten worse.
Follow Carson in this strange circle of money, lies, murder and bad guys who have everyone chasing them and their ‘Deadly Decision.’
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Another great Carson Reno mystery

I haven’t read all of the Carson Reno books, however, I did read the last book in the series and really enjoyed it. I was really glad to have been given a chance to read the next book in the series and this one didn’t disappoint either.

What I enjoy about these books is that despite them being set in the 1960s, they don’t read like that. Darnell gives his books and writing a fresh feel to them and read just as highly as any top notch crime/thriller book written in our current time. The books are always fast paced and have plenty of going on to keep you hooked throughout. I would definitely recommend this series to anybody who likes a good a crime read. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next one!

I realise this is a quick review but what can you say when there’s nothing negative and a complete five star rating! This was a fantastic read and something I will keep recommending.

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