Standing on His Own (New Beginnings Book 2) by Trish Edmisten – #Romance, #NewAdult&College, #Military

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When his best friend decided to join the Army after high school graduation, there was no question Joel would join too. Best friends since kindergarten, the two of them did everything together, and this was no different. A routine mission changed their lives forever. Slade ended up paralyzed while Joel lost his leg. Joel never expected to live with one leg, but he wasn’t going to let it break him. Like he did with everything else, he adapted, and he accepted that he was never going to find love. Women might want to sleep with a war hero, but they sure as hell don’t want to live with and take care of one. That theory proves true until Courtney comes along. Beautiful, independent Courtney with her wicked sense of humor is the perfect woman for Joel. All he has to do is trust her enough to accept that he doesn’t have to stand on his own anymore.
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Elizabeth Agiantritis
His perfect match

In this second book of the New Beginnings, all the characters from the first book are back and we get to see more of Joel and his best friend Slade. Both of them have suffered both physically and emotionally after their time in the army and they are trying their best to cope. This story centers around Joel and the girl he meets, Courtney. Their first couple of encounters don’t go well, but still, there is something between them and Joel is determined to pursue a relationship with Courtney. This book delves into PTSD (which both Joel and Slade suffer from) and the difficulties living with it.
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