Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot by J.D. Holiday – #ShortStories&Anthologies, #ShortStories, #SingleAuthor

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In Stories & Imaginings For The Reading Spot, A Short Stories Collection For Adults

The Cemetery Affair ~ This is a tales from here to eternity about love, hate, envy, vengeance, death and, maybe murder. Well, not murder, but revenge is sweet!
Dangers of the Wilderness, New York, 1755 – What was it like in a young country where the lack of understanding causes people so different from one another to fight for the land, or flee in hopes of surviving.
Spiders ~ Terminal or not, under the right conditions would a little time with your loved ones be asking too much?
Too Many Bobs – When a cat named, Bob has his tail bobbed by a remorseful landscaper, Stephanie is sent to return the cat and collect the money for the vet bill. The wounded cat’s injury proves more troublesome than Stephanie could have conceived of.
The Name Game ~ A young boy named, Kelly becomes famous for ‘one day.’ Having the same name as a famous singer, Kelly is asked to appear on a game show taking the singer’s place. Kelly worries that his bullies don’t need any more rocks to throw.
Where The Heart Is – Annie is a cat, and she and the eight-year-old from next door, Ally make Mae’s decision to move into the Mountain View’s Retirement Home difficult.
Trespasses – Life has been a gamble for Jacqueline. People she counted on have left her scarred and wanting solitude. Deciding to avoid any entanglement as her goal she fights an internal conflict when Craig strolls up the deserted beach she considered to be her own.
Inside – Left the beach cottage owned by her grandfather in the block leading to the Atlantic ocean, Cheney had no idea selling it would change her nightmares of the Sci-Fi warrior.
Captive Memories ~ Sometimes the unthinkable happens in war. No, not just death.
The Boy In The Leaves~ Max’s friend Tony has a problem. Max believes this problem is a killer like it was for “the boy in the leaves.”
The One-Eyed Wink~ Angie never thought to see Joe again after so many years. After all, he was long died, wasn’t he? So the day she sees him on TV returning from a lost war, her life comes up against a new problem.
Cherished Dreams – Dreams can bring with them memories of loved ones gone. Their visits sometimes are a prized gift.

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Delightful Collection of Short Stories

I like short stories, and during the summer I enjoyed reading this delightful collection by J.D. Holiday. The author is also an artist and includes original sketches as an added bonus and treat. If you like reading short stories as well, give yourself a treat and buy this book.

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