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The Spy Game, written and illustrated by J.D. Holiday
Eddie would love to have a puppy to play with. A puppy would pull on a rope, catch a ball and lick your face. But his Uncle brings Eddie an older dog named after a famous spy.
What can you do with an old dog? It probably could not learn new tricks, and the only thing this dog did was stare. It’s what they find to do together that makes them the best of friends!

J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of the children’s picture books- JANOOSE THE GOOSE and THE SPY GAME, and the chapter book for 6 to 8 year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. She is the host on It’s Story Time & Halo Kids Tales, children’s reading radio shows, and The Authors’ Words on the Book Garden Radio at Blog Talk Radio. She is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
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Marie V. Cole

The Spy Game is Fantastic

The Spy Game takes Eddie and Sidney, a large black older dog on an
adventure from their first meeting. Although large, Sidney is a sweet
dog. Eddie’s Uncle Reese brings him this dog (who he has rescued,) to
Eddie who was reluctant at first, having his heart set on getting a
puppy to play with. Sidney soon changes Eddie’s mind on that as they
help Eddie’s friends find a missing cat and her kittens. I love the
remarkable illustrations which bring the characters to life. Eddie,
Sidney and Eddie’s friends, Dana and Joel are like ‘real’ kids you
might know. I’ve read other stories by this author, and like J.D.
Holiday’s other stories, The Spy Game is a wonderful story about
friendship and love of a pet.

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