“The Peace of Pi” by Michael Bussa – #Short Stories, #British, #WorldLiterature

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Line Blurb
An odd tale of disconnection follows a quiet little man who wanders about the day, in the shadows of an overbearing wife. Willing to do anything to find the love they once shared, he trails her patiently, almost invisibly, to an unexpected ending.
The author cleverly uses rhythm and rhyme, creating a long form, poetic short story.
Line review
Great short story, you have to read.
By P.S. Winn
This is a great short tale with a wonderful feel to it. Follow Milo, a mild-mannered man as he walks through life. Thinking of his wife and their relationship. he repeats “I’ve done nothing, no, nary nothing” readers are going to be surprised as they learn just what is the meaning behind the words and the true story of the life of the Elek’s, husband and wife. Michael Bussa has a way with a short story that is unique and a pleasure to find.
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