NOW 99C – “Last Chance Christmas: A Fairfield Corners Novella” by L.A. Remenicky – #Romance, #Holidays

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From the outside, Brent Halston and Jordan McKenna had the perfect life: the house, the dog, fulfilling careers, and their love. However, Jordan’s past refused to leave her alone, threatening to destroy all they had built together. Without explanation, Jordan pushed Brent out of her life, leaving him devastated and confused.
In an attempt to start over, Brent relocated to Fairfield Corners, bought an extravagant house, and mourned the loss of his Jojo. To keep herself from drowning in her own grief, Jordan gave everything she had to her career as a doctor, running the free clinic on the rough side of town. As the holiday season approached, a frantic phone call from Jordan’s brother pulled Brent back into Jordan’s life, giving them the opportunity to reconnect.
Battling the past and present, their love must survive secrets and betrayal, giving them one last chance to be together.
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MJ Symmonds

Gimme more!!!

I really enjoyed getting Brent’s story. Like with all the books in the Fairfield Corner’s books this one, while a quick short read was full of mystery and suspense.

Loved getting to know Jordan and seeing the other characters from previous books.

My thing was I wanted so much more!!! I wanted more Jordan & Brent but I get that it is just a novella which means short story.

I’m very hopeful that we’ll be getting more stories from the Fairfield Corner’s residents.

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