Ours: Book IV of the PlayNISE Series by Ryanne Anthony – #Romance, #Multicultural&Interracial, #Contemporary, #Multicultural

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Line Blurb
Mona Tyler decided she was going to be best the personal assistant ever trained.
After her year-long preparation with agent/manager/producer extraordinaire Barney Howell, he places her with hot and sexy actor Sean Andrews. While working with Sean at his home, Mona meets handsome and equally sexy Devin Reynolds, a member of Sean’s landscaping team, who wants nothing more than to be with Mona.
Devin and Mona become engaged, to everyone’s delight, except Sean’s; he waited too long to make a play for Mona. After a fight with Devin, Mona and Sean are intimate, and soon, she finds herself pregnant, and all three anxiously wait to see which man can say with Mona, ‘the baby is OURS.’
Line review
Great read!
Woman with a no-nonsense attitude, even toward a famous hot actor named Sean. There’s a triangle with Devon and a consequence I can’t imagine being in, but all is great in the end. Loved it.
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Angus & Robertson
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