“Mercy’s Angels Book 1” by Barbi Barnard – #Romance, #Contemporary

Barbi mercys angels 1 4-30-18
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This is a story of a young girl forced to live the club life through threats and violence. How she survived the man that gave her no choice but to endure. Follow along to see how she got out and took them for a ride. Sit back, get comfortable and let three women tell you a tale of courage, determination and a little humor of the life of “Momma”. How she became the owner of a Motorcycle Club.
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Fran Zoch, Little Shop of Readers blog
Not the MC you are used to and glad of it

I found this author at a release party for another author and thought I would try her book, I mean a woman-owned MC?
Tiffi and momma are awesome, momma has her place where she has her bar and Tiffi helps behind the bar. When the Angels grace the pen nothing is the same, Tiffi finds herself at a loss with the big men but Momma shines. I can not wait to see what happens with the Angels.

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Barbi Mercy's Angels Book 1

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