Midnight Owl – A Joe Leverette Mystery book 1 – by award-winning author Viv Drewa

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police stop

When the dismembered body of a young woman is found, Detectives Joe Leverette and Philip Marsden are assigned the case. After investigating the Port Huron, Michigan area where the six body parts were found, but there’s a twist in the case: The Murderer goes after each individual who found the parts, one by one.


“Before she had a chance to step away from her car, a strong arm wrapped around her waist and a damp cloth was clamped tightly over her mouth. She dropped her purse, keys and sweater and everything went dark.

What happens next will cause your blood to run cold, but you will not stop turning the pages because the sleuth in you will want answers. Cold Coffee Press/Café’ endorses Midnight Owl (Joe Leverette Mystery Book One) by Viv Drewa as a mystery suspense thriller.” Five Stars





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