“Teach Me To Prey” by Samantha Jacobey – #Inspirational, # Romance, #Mystery&Suspense, #Suspense, #RomanticSuspense

Sam teach me to prey 2-18-18
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Rebecca Stewart had never let things get personal with her students; a mistake that could cost her far more than a broken heart.
Jason and his friends enjoyed tormenting teachers. When they set their sights on Miss Stewart, nothing would prevent them from bringing her down.
Avoiding Jason’s advances and navigating an epic clash of wills, the young woman felt relieved to see graduation day finally arrive. Little did she know, it wouldn’t end there. Pregnant and alone, she could only keep her secrets for so long.
After one of the boys is found murdered, the police haul her in, but she denies having done anything wrong. Can she convince them of the truth before all three of the young men fall victim to a killer, forcing her to raise her child alone?
Find out in the action-packed thriller…TEACH ME TO PREY.… (New Adult)
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Absolutely addictive

By Bobbie (A Page to Turn Reviews)

My goodness, this story was addictive! I started reading it on my lunch break and couldn’t put it down! Finished it the same day, in fact. Having worked in the education system for years, I can say that the story is unfortunately realistic in a lot of ways. It’s also a pretty unique twist on real life, though. Becky is one of my favorite characters from a book in a while. She’s exceptionally real, right down to the flaws and insecurities of the typical introverted thirty-year-old woman. If anything, I would’ve liked more of this story. It was short and sweet, which let me get the answers I wanted right away, but that didn’t leave a lot of room for growth and development, and I found that I wanted more answers regarding Jason and his family.

I will point out that this story deals with what many people would call unethical behavior in the romantic involvement of a teacher and her recently graduated student. (I’m not sure that counts as a spoiler because I’m pretty sure you could figure that out in the first few pages). If you’ve got major issues with that, definitely pass on this one.

The story was compelling. Like I said before, if I could change anything about it, I’d just ask for more. I’m one of those people who likes to answer every possible question before it’s asked, so concise stories that meet all of their plot points without the extra fluff always leave me wanting more. All in all, though Jacobey did an excellent job with this story. The ending was nothing like what I expected, and the plot twists caught me by surprise. I definitely recommend it!

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