“Eve of Destruction” (Soldiers of Destruction Series, Book 1) by E. Kay Sims – #Erotica, #RomanticErotica, #Thrillers

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 I’m Capt. Eve Stone and I’m a cyborg. I woke up in a top-secret lab with no memory of my past, except that I was once human. They erased my memory, more than once. I’m more machine than human now, but once my sleep cycle begins, my memories from my human life return, and so do those of a man with stormy silver eyes. He haunts my dreams, and something in me knows he’s the key to my human identity. I need to remember…
I’m SSgt Wyatt Powell, former USAF Military Training Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX. I met and fell in love with Airman Katica Hajek nineteen years ago. A relationship between us was against the rules. But she agreed to explore our explosive relationship anyway. I thought I lost her, but now I am not so sure.
Eve of Destruction is Book One of the Soldiers of Destruction Series and ends on a cliffhanger.
Disclaimer: This book is intended for readers 18+ as it contains sexually explicit themes and adult language. It is a dark read and may contain triggers for some readers including violence and rape. Read at your own discretion.
Line review
I’m pleasantly surprised how good this was
Eve of Destruction wasn’t my usual genre that I read, but I have to say I was surprised how good this book was. I’ve already purchased the next book in anticipation that I’ll love it as well.
Katica was raised as an Army/ brat, and now after a bad relationship, she’s entered Air Force boot camp. You’ll be given an inside view of how boot camp is but when her TI (Training Instructor) approaches her on a night out with friends Wyatt will tell her of his feeling about her even though she knows it against the rules.
What follows is a sweet love story between them until she arrives at her new base and she’s assaulted in Okinawa by her CO which leads to the loss of their baby. But when there’s an explosion at work that causes her severe injuries. But when she wakes up as a cyborg in a lab with no memories of her past life that will take some major adjustment from being more machine than human. She’ll have to adjust quickly with the help of Dr. Marda who’ll turn her into a lean, mean fighting cyborg soldier that some in her unit are uncomfortable with. When the doctor gives her chips with her information that hopefully let her find Wyatt again.
I can’t wait to read the next book with more information on if they can both find each other again.
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