“Mercy’s Angels Jenni’s Story” (Book 3 ) by Barbi Barnard – #Romance, #Contemporary

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Line Blurb
Jenni has opinions of what a biker club is like. They are not the kind of people she wants to be around. With her brother moving the club back into the Play Pen she needs to come to grip with her fears. She has fears for Tiffi being involved and she has fears for Momma dealing with a club that abused her.
Line review
Loved it!
By Mandie
Jenni’s story for me was a tough read, but I’m glad I read it. She suffered so much during her childhood so her views on some things are different. She doesn’t understand how Momma can just let the MC back into their world. Her husband, Wayne, has an idea to help her understand that not everyone in the MC are bad. He plans a road trip to show her the good side. Will it work? Only time will tell.
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