“The Other Side” by Patricia Moran and Marta Moran Bishop – #Romance, #ScienceFiction, #Fantasy

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The people in the neighborhood called him Crazy Ed. He sat day after day on an ashcan in the alley staring at the dirty brick wall. Most didn’t know where he had come from or why he was there, but Ed was a quiet man with silver hair, and a sad expression on his face, so they left him alone. Few noticed him and most paid no attention what-so-ever to him.
Once in a while if a spare moment presented itself, they wondered who he was, until one day Ed disappeared.

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Fluid, Charming and Bright

This is a small story of Ed. But more than love story of Ed and Isle, it is another vehicle created by Marta after the In Between Times which is meant to transport you to a different and hopeful world. While the story is to short for one to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Marta’s writing, like Ed, we readers regret coming back to this side of the wall as the story ends. Enjoyable read.

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