Splinter” by Michael Bussa – #Mystery, #Thriller, #Suspense, #Psychological

Michael splinter 6-4-18

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Some family secrets should go to the grave. In the tiny town of Milnor, ND, Adam struggles to bring some measure of normalcy to his life, after a tragic event left him confined to a wheelchair, twenty-one years earlier. His sister, Ada, fills his days with psychological torment and disappears for days at a time. Is it sibling rivalry, or something more sinister? A psychiatrist, in his relentless search for the truth, gets caught up in the unexpected. Splinter will keep you guessing right to the end!
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For those who enjoy suspense and a good old-fashioned scary shiver down your …

By Baked Bean

For those who enjoy suspense and a good old-fashioned scary shiver down your spine, you’ve found your book.
Splinter takes you into the life of young Adam, who suffers from a psychotic trauma that no early age child should be
subjected to. But despite his struggles past and present, he shows remarkable resilience to overcome it all.

I’ve always considered short stories to be the most difficult to pull off from a readers point-of-view, due to the small window
of time to make the characters believable and a cohesive part of the story. Michael Bussa delivers this in a way that would
make Alfred Hitchcock pop a breast button. You will be drawn into Adam’s world, like it or not. I dare you to read this one
alone in the dark!

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