“Lettie’s Plight” by Michael Bussa – #Mystery, #Thriller, #Suspense

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Born in the Victorian era, in the slums of Bethnal Green, Lettie vowed never to follow in her mother’s dismal footsteps — even if it killed her!
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Terrific short story
By Sarra Lord
Terrific short story. Interesting premise with believable characters. Lettie isn’t particularly sympathetic she’s a little too much of a schemer, but one can certainly sympathize with her plight. Corletta or Lettie grew up in Bethnal Green in a working-class family, and she doesn’t want to end up a drudge like her mother. So she plots and schemes her way into marrying a man who she thought would raise her station in life but in reality not much changes. She comes up with a plan… I don’t want to give away any spoilers I’ll just say in the end she works hard and ends up with what she wants and thinks she deserves plus a little extra. The story was well crafted to draw the listener in, and the narrator was excellent. Her accent was the perfect touch. I requested a review copy of this on Audiobook Boom received a free copy in return for the promise of an unbiased review.

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