“Reelfoot” (Carson Reno Mystery Series, Book 11) by Gerald W. Darnell – #MysteryThrillerSuspense, #Thrillers&Suspense, #Crime

Ger reelfoot with beer
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All Carson Reno, Mystery Series Books, are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
An ex-Memphis cop and a friend of Carson is in trouble – but what kind of trouble?
While trying to answer that question, Carson finds more questions – and all with no answers.
What Carson also finds is trouble coming from all directions. The Mafia, the Teamsters Union, an unhappy sheriff and some very rough characters are all looking for his friend, and Carson is in the middle of this mess.
An apparently senseless murder only complicates Carson’s problems, which makes getting to the truth more difficult.
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1941 Plymouth Pick-up!
By Kindle Customer

Reelfoot by Gerald Darnell is my first Carson Reno mystery. I loved it! I found the style of writing mixed in with the little black and white pictures captivating, like the 1941 Plymouth Pick-up truck. I have been to Memphis and other areas in the south and found the descriptions so real. Also, I like learning when I read, and Darnell mixes local history into the story. I definitely will be reading more Carson Reno mysteries.

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