PRE-ORDER NOW: “Journey of Darkness” (Dragon of Eriden Book 2) by Samantha Jacobey – #Teen&Young Adult, #ScienceFiction&Fantasy, #Fantasy, #Paranormal&Urban

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Line Blurb

Within Amicia’s chest beats the heart of a dragon, if she can discover it in time…

In her deathbed confession, Arely Spicer opened Amicia’s eyes to the truth about her past, sending the young woman running for her life. Fleeing the port town of Nalen, Ami quickly fell into a surreal nightmare, where dragons hunted her and her new friends to exhaustion, giving them little option but to hide in fear.

Refusing to simply accept their circumstances, first mate Piers Massheby leads the group out of their refuge at Esterbrook, home of the nymphs and satyrs. Crossing the wilderness and vast desert of Peaswan, they are shadowed by their hunter, the great dragon who seeks to destroy them.

Meeting friend and foe along the way, they question the wisdom of leaving the safety of the glen as they encounter new discoveries and dangers on their march to the north. In search of a way out of Eriden and back to their home in the Rim of Mortals, peril looms in the shadows, and they fear with each battle they face that it will be their last.

Amicia’s magical powers grow, but will they be enough to hold off the trolls that yearn to tear them to shreds?


Sam 2 Journey of Darkness

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