“Eve of Destruction” and “Knights of Destruction” by E. Kay Sims – #Military, #Romance, #War&Military, #Action&Adventure

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Line BlurbI’m Capt. Eve Stone and I’m a cyborg. I woke up in a top-secret lab with no memory of my past, except that I was once human. They erased my memory, more than once, but that’s the one thing they couldn’t extinguish because the body has a way of storing information at a cellular level. I’m more machine than human now, but once my sleep…
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WOW!!! Not What I Expected!
By Karen Smedley
Not what I expected from a military storyline. Love my military stories, BUT this storyline just blew me away!!! Loved this sci-fi mixed in with present-day events, action-packed, emotional and loving. This is a MUST read. Off now to continue this exciting story with book 2 “Knight of Destruction.”

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I am an American soldier, serving the people of the United States of America. I am a warrior. I am trained and disciplined mentally and physically. I am an expert and a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and to destroy the enemy. I will never accept defeat. And that is why after nearly twenty years of serving my country and having my identity, my memory, my life, and my one true love stolen from me, I will fight with everything in me to get him back, to remember who I really am.
Almost twenty years have gone by since I was injured in an accident while serving in the United States Air Force. My family, friends, and fiancé were informed I had died. I lost everything. Until now.
It was a chance encounter. While on a top-secret mission behind enemy lines in Iraq, he found me, the only man I’ve ever loved, SSgt Wyatt Powell. But I don’t remember him. You see, I’m a cyborg now. My human side is at war with my machine side because my human side remembers. I have a new identity and a new mission. I will get my life back, and I will make Wyatt fall in love with me again. And I will seek and destroy those who did this to me. I am Captain Eve Stone, and I am a Soldier of Destruction.
I can’t believe it’s her. When she died, it nearly destroyed me. Now I’m facing the fact that she’s been alive all this time, but she’s changed. She’s a cyborg with a new identity, and I’m not the same man she fell in love with. I’ve seen and done things that I cannot undo.
I have memories of how we used to be, of the all-consuming love we once shared, back before I had traversed the depths of hell. Before I lost my soul and willingly became a cyborg soldier for Knights Inc., a private mercenary army for hire, fighting for and protecting important assets of the United States. We do the dirty work no one else will, behind enemy lines in the most dangerous parts of the world, and on American soil. We go where even the bravest of the brave would not dare to go.
We have a new mission: find others like Captain Eve Stone and stop whoever is stealing the lives of American soldiers and turning them into cyborgs against their will. This I will do. I will hunt down those bastards and make them pay. I owe her this, even though I’ve reached the point of no return. I owe her my help in getting her life back, even if I no longer belong in it.
I can’t go back to the way we were, and I don’t know how to go forward, or if I even want to. She would hate the man I’ve become. I’m no longer worthy of her. I am the Dragon, a Knight of Destruction.
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Action Packed Sequel
By Kiera Jayne

In the first Soldiers of Destruction book, we received an in-depth character study of Katica’s past with Wyatt Powell, the love of her life and the things that lead up to her becoming Eve Stone, cyborg super soldier. In this, Knights of Destruction, we move into the present day. This installment is much more action-packed than the first, which focused more on the love story between the leaves. While it is still prevalent here, the major part of the novel explores Katica/Eve’s powers, for want of a better word.

The different sides of Eve/Katica come into play, and I love seeing these different sides of two very different characters in one body, it’s very much a spilled personality thing happening here.

Wyatt Powell is stoic and powerful— an incredible character in himself.

This is an outstanding series, and I look forward to the next installment.

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