Continuing our Series, Book Two brings us no-nonsense, orders are orders, Wheeler. Trained as a government assassin may not play into a woman’s idea of ‘good husband’ material but failing is not an option for our EROP’s Commander.SABERS PORTHOS–L.ANN MARIE



March 23, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
There are things I like about this novel and things I don’t. I read the authors previous 4 series and read them multiple times. I loved them. I had expected to love this one too. The action scenes and plotting were good but some characters I did not like. I did not find the “Golden Girls” to be funny. If men of any age showed the disrespect for boundaries that they did most women would be deeply offended and I was. It wasn’t that the other characters encouraged them because most didn’t. It was that It was included in the novel at all. I am a senior woman who enjoys seeing handsome men and remembering good sex but I would never behave so disrespectfully.
I did not like it in the first book in…

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