She has two choices: give in to total madness or surrender to her new reality, which just may be the only way she and her family will survive the obsessions of the Homeless Hunter’s mind. A SINISTER BOUQUET BY A. NICKY HJORT!!!!





December 11, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition
I am speechless. I am sitting here trying to put into words what I just read. What a brilliant read! Characters, all so extremely and explicitly well defined within a storyline that grasps you and pulls you into the lives of people who are, what? Insane? Of another world? Both? Good and evil, corruption and innocence, sanity and insanity, worldly and unworldly. This story is so intriguing that once you start the journey you are unable to stop until you complete it, and once you do you will still sit and wonder what it is that you’ve just read. A mystery of a whodunit right up to the end will keep you entranced and have your mind working to figure out who the culprit is, and then they why of it all?

I loved Livie…

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