Want a good way to get away? Escape to a new world in Dragon Lightning! – #Dragons, #Fantasy, #SciFi, #Octopus, #YoungAdult

JS deagon lightening.jpg
#IARTG THE DRAGON DREAMER by J.S. Burke, #YA #Sci #Fantasy
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Drakor foresees the doom of dragons . . .
Drakor seems like a normal young ice dragon with a talent for making lightning swords. But he alone feels the changing heart of his island Volcano. It destroyed his beloved sire. Now he foresees their doom, but none will listen. As he seeks proof, the Volcano shakes him off into the frozen sea.
Arak was mocked as a worthless dreamer until he and Scree, a fearless undersea misfit, saved the dragons. Now dragons and octopi sail north in search of mythical ice dragons. They find Drakor and a terrifying reality. When Scree enters the abyss to check his volcano, she discovers everyone is in peril. Can this crew of unlikely friends save three realms?
“Dragon Lightning” is stand-alone book II of the award-winning Dragon Dreamer series: science fantasy adventure with dragons, an undersea world, and unlikely friendships. This upbeat, young adult book is for readers age 9 and older. “Dragon Lightning” won the Pinnacle Award for Best Science Fantasy and the IAN Award for Best Science Fiction.
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Jen Sut
Amazing second book in a fantastic series
October 25, 2016

This book starts out with a bang. Lightning and a Dragon on thin ice, literally. It grabs your attention and never lets go. The descriptions are so detailed that you can picture everything in your mind, but not so detailed that it slows the story. We join our friends Scree, Arak, and their group as they go legend tripping looking for Ice Dragons. So many stories, do they really exist? Scree and Arak will surely find out if the lightning doesn’t strike them first.

I loved the first book as being introduced into a world of Dragons and Octopi was amazing. This book is an even bigger adventure. I hope these books are made into audiobooks as some stories are meant to be told out loud, and these are stories that should be heard. Of course, you need an actual copy of the book also to enjoy the fantastic drawings throughout. This, like the first book, is an awesome adventure for all ages. The new characters introduced are fresh and add to the journey. Drakor is a complex and fascinating addition. The characters draw you into their enchanting and sometimes dangerous world. Scree and Arak remain my favorite characters. The pace is perfect. It is truly a journey that makes you wonder what will happen next. I can not recommend this book enough.

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