“The Hollowers” by Patricia Moran and Marta Moran Bishop – #Horror, #Occult

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Jerry’s has lived his life, taking the path of least resistance and never trying to make his life remarkable, accept in his own mind. If it required a real effort, Jerry wasn’t interested at least, not until the day he found the box and met the hollowers.

Written in a Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock style.

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Leyla Atke
A GREAT HUMORESQUE 🙂 🙂 :)The Hollowers by Patricia Moran is a great Humoresque about a man named Jerry who lived in his own fascinating dream world. Jerry is a loser who invented his own perfect world where he is very important and James Bond-like. The author describes Jerry in an ironic and humorous style that made me laugh loudly several times. Jerry is ridiculous trying to hide his balding head by combing his hair over it, and “tossing his coat over his shoulder in what he felt gave him a James Bond look.”Everything in life has its logical end. Following his foolish dreams and idiotic thinking brings Jerry to a mysterious ancient box, the meeting with which becomes so exciting and fatal for him. The mysterious glow coming out of the box fully possesses his mind… and body. What happened to Jerry? What was in the box?I think it’s a great Humoresque. I would highly recommend to read it if you want to relax after a busy working day. It will relieve your stress and make you laugh!Leyla Atke

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