“Splinter” by Michael Bussa – #MysteryThriller&Suspense, #Suspense, #Psychological

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Some family secrets should go to the grave. In the tiny town of Milnor, ND, Adam struggles to bring some measure of normalcy to his life, after a tragic event left him confined to a wheelchair, twenty-one years earlier. His sister, Ada, fills his days with psychological torment and disappears for days at a time. Is it sibling rivalry, or something more sinister? A psychiatrist, in his relentless search for the truth, gets caught up in the unexpected. Splinter will keep you guessing right to the end!
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Ashley Hedden
 Good read
Splinter was a good quick read by Michael Bussa. Adam was confined to a wheelchair after a tragic accident. His sister Ada torments his every day but isn’t always around. Adam’s psychiatrist tries to help Adam, but it may cost him everything. I enjoyed this book and all of its twists and turns.
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