“Holmes In America: A Sherlock/Holmes mystery #1” (Sherlock/Holmes Mysteries) by Karen Vaughan – #MysteryThriller&Suspense, #Literature&Fiction, #Humor&Satire, #GeneralHumor

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Nigel Holmes is a British Police Officer sent to Toronto after a witness was brutally murdered on his watch. Kristen Sherlock is a Detective who was framed for drug possession, and is being harassed by a dirty cop bent on ruining her. Nigel is politically incorrect and swears like a trucker. Kristen is a by-the-book Police Officer. Can they work together without driving each other nuts before her stalker hurts Kristen? Nigel, Kristen and her former partner, Craig, work to bring the stalker down.
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A cheeky take on a foul-mouthed British detective exiled to a Canadian metropolis

Can the Andrew Dice Clay of British detectives get in touch with his inner nice guy when banished to Toronto? One can only hope the renowned politeness of his new Canadian colleagues rubs off on him and quick once this defective detective opens his mouth to speak. The stream of inappropriate epithets is jarring, to say the least. It’s no wonder he was exiled to [North] America by his Manchester superiors. Nigel Holme’s is loathsome and, oh yes, he also let a serial killer escape after the man killed the woman he loved. Derilection of duty left him damaged personally and professionally. Needless to say, his new compatriots are not that thrilled to meet Nigel. He and his new partner, Kristen Sherlock [yes, Sherlock & Holmes] don’t hit it off, but she deploys her niceness to correct and control the out of control Brit. Kristen’s got trouble of her own, though. Not all Canadian police officers are nice, and there’s an especially nasty one who has it in for Kristen. Why? Well, that’s part of what this ‘whydunit’ is about. Can Sherlock avoid becoming a victim of her vicious colleague’s wrath? Can Holmes shed his barbarous ways so that he’s a suitable colleague and partner for anyone, anywhere? You’ll have to read Holmes in America to find out–tongue planted firmly in cheek.

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