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01 Carol January Black Ice A Cat Collier Mystery

Line Blurb

Mary Catherine Collier is called to the penthouse apartment of the city’s very rich, most influential lawyer, Detrick Bittmor. He has a very personal assignment for her. It involves a mysterious young man who sits on a park bench every day at noon and stares up at Bittmor’s top floor apartment.

Mary Catherine, or Cat, as she’s better known, has a soft spot for this lawyer with a nasty reputation. There’s something about this old man she likes and even finds charming.

Detrick Bittmor thinks the young man on the park bench resembles a younger version of himself. He thinks this young man could be his son from an affair he had many years ago with a beautiful New Year lawyer. This man could be his only heir.

And old man Bittmor isn’t getting any younger.

Line review

A park bench = Love at first sight
By Valerie Roberson
This is the first book of the Cat Collier Mystery, and I’m already looking forward to book 2. Carol Ann Kauffman has a special way with her writing. She brings happiness and romance to light in a wholesome way. She makes you wish you were that main character.
Cat, Mary Catherine Collier, writes the Obituary for the Heaton Valley Herald and also does research for the paper. Detrick Bittmor is a lonely old man who once was in his hay day a very prominent lawyer for the town.
Mr. Bittmore asked Cat to “make friends” with this man who has been sitting on a park bench every day outside his penthouse apartment. Find out who he is. Get to know him. Why? Well, he may be —- —–! Cat agreed to do it. But she never expected to fall for this guy and find out he has been lying about who he is to her. Who is this guy?????
You are left hanging with some unanswered questions, but a warm feeling of true love. So now I have to read the next book to find out the answers. A good writer will leave a good book and you hanging.

02 Carol February White Lies A Cat Collier Mystery

Line Blurb

Join Cat Collier from January Black Ice as she starts her own detective agency,
Red Cat Investigations, inside the gorgeous old Palazzo Castellano Hotel and solves her first real paid case, the case of Shotzie, the missing French poodle. Just when she feels she is destined to find lost pets and missing luggage for the rest of her life in her beautiful new office, complete with business cards, magazines in the waiting room, and her Red Cat logo painted on the frosted glass door, a lovely, mysterious woman named Ms. White hires her to find out who is stalking her. A dead rat on her car. Being run off the road. A car bombing. Someone wants her frightened or maybe…dead.

The trail of graft and corruption leads Cat into danger as she hides the mystery woman with the old, reclusive lawyer Detrick Bittmor for safe keeping.

Cat’s relationship with the handsome Erick “Carter” Larsen is put in jeopardy when she teams up with Officer Kiernan Scott from the Heaton Valley Police Department to unravel the mystery in February White Lies.

Line review

The Lies are out there……

February White Lies by Carol Kauffman was a great continuation to the Cat Collier series. Introduction of additional characters were clearly developed with the humor and simplicity I have come to expect from this author. I am consumed with-“What is going to happen next?!!!” As I read this….It ended too quickly! I want to know what is going to happen to Nola as Cat’s secretary and I need a Butterscotch Scone!


03 Carol March Blues A Cat Collier Mystery

Line Blurb

Small-town red-head Cat Collier runs a private investigation service called Red Cat Investigation out of her office in the beautiful Palazzo Castellano with the help of her secretary, Nola White, an ex-client Cat took in because she had nowhere else to go, her boyfriend, Erick “Carter” Larsen, and Carter’s father, the wealthy, influential, and shady lawyer, Detrick Bittmor.

In this third installment of the Cat Collier Mystery series, after escaping from captivity in an abandoned train car, Cat stumbles upon a homeless man at the long deserted train station, who helps her get home to Carter. Detrick discovers he knows this homeless man as the one-time legendary saxophone player who played in the downstairs bar when they were both young, and the family embarks on rehabilitating the sax player and reopening the bar, “The Blues.”

Line review

A short, clean romances with heartbreak and healing

This is the third book in the Cat Collier series. The first January Black Ice sets the stage. Both are short, clean romances with heartbreak and healing. Dietrick, Carter’s father, is as manipulative as ever–but in a good way!! There are some mysteries to be solved by Cat–and some truths to be revealed by Carter.


04 Carol April Yellow Moon A Cat Collier Mystery

Line Blurb

In this fourth installment in the Cat Collier Short Story Mystery Series, a dear, old friend comes up missing, and Cat Collier must scramble to find her before it’s too late. A powerful enemy resurfaces and claims responsibility for a personal attack on Cat’s family. Nola relives Trent’s murder. Carter proposes…again.

Line review

Cat Collier and friends Yellow Moon rescue ……

Cat Collier Detective Agency is on a new case in April Yellow Moon. This month’s mystery introduces new characters as well as the returning cast of characters we learn more about. Like a clever puzzle; we are given pieces to put in place…but aren’t quite sure how they will all fit together. There are many pieces to put together. Cat, of course, is always solving puzzles and will quickly work towards the solution. A poisoning, more threats, and a friends kidnapping quickly evolves. But I suspect that there will be more to be solved in next month’s mystery because there are more missing people to be found and more puzzles to be solved……


05 Carol lavender mist

Line Blurb

Join the further adventures and misadventures of Cat Collier, a woman who opens her own private investigation business in her small hometown on her journey from being a small town obituary writer to a big city detective. In this fifth installment of the short story mystery series, Cat works to find a missing Chinese girl who came to the United States on a work/study program and disappeared into thin air. An informant takes a big risk. Nola is put in danger. The child of a prominent country club women has her Parentage questioned. Someone from Gus Black’s past shows up at the hotel.

Line review

Mary Jane Ravella
Another great Cat Collier Book

I love Cat, her adventurous spirit, strong character, and her boyfriend, Carter. Her cases are interesting from kidnapping to rescuing a young Chinese woman to a routine background check.


06 Carol June Green Leaves of Deceit   A Cat Collier Mystery Book 6.jpg

Line Blurb

Join Cat Collier is this serial mystery short story series, described as a cross between Nancy Drew and Mike Hammer.

Carter disappoints Cat in the worst possible way. She begins to doubt her worth. Can a new location bolster Cat’s self-confidence? Is she strong enough to let a new love in?

June Green Leaves of Deceit continues and adventures and misadventures of Mary Catherine Collier, known as Cat, as she opens a second online investigation office, away from Heaton Valley and the love and support she’s known there. Can she make it on her own?

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