“Murder my Darling” (Carson Reno Mystery Series Book 17) by Gerald W. Darnell – #MysteryThriller&Suspense, #Mystery, #Hard-Boiled

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All Carson Reno Mystery Series Books are standalone novels. It is not necessary to read them in any particular order.
A famous author is murdered, Carson is at the scene of the crime and considered a prime suspect – but he doesn’t remember anything!
Missing manuscripts, a missing diary and strange stories from the past bring an unusual group of characters together in this tangled web of deceit, blackmail, and murder. The mystery travels from Memphis to New Orleans, while Carson works to prove his innocence – without success.
Come along for the ride and follow the clues to a strange and unforgettable ending in the adventure called:
Murder My Darling
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Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews
Another great Carson Reno story!Carson is now on the other side of the law, or at least that’s the way it looks. It’s a great new story for Carson, and full of unpredictable twists and mysteries. I am a big fan of Darnell and of course, Carson, so I was very excited to read this new story. It’s one of my favorites of the series, but of course, Carson is one of my favorite characters. It’s a hard-hitting, magnificent bout of storytelling. Couldn’t put it down until the end!

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