“Winters of Alnora: Birth of the Dark Angel” (The Chronicles of Azulia Book 1) by Kevin J. Kessler – #ScienceFiction&Fantasy, #Horror, #DarkFantasy

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Line Blurb
Alnora’s childhood was plagued with poverty, desperation, and unmentionable atrocities. That all changed on the day she encountered The Dark Angel, a sorcerer who is the living embodiment of the world’s darkness.
After witnessing a display of her potential for the magical arts and the darkness within her heart, this shadowy figure offers Alnora an opportunity, learn the ways of the dark arts and succeed him as the next Dark Angel. With a hunger for power and a quest to leave her traumatizing life behind, Alnora begins an apprenticeship that will change the course of her life.
Emboldened by the awesome magic she gains through the teachings of The Dark Angel, this one-time beggar orphan embraces her destiny, harnessing the power of her hatred to strike back upon a world that defiled her innocence.
Behold the account of four winters that shaped a traumatized young girl into the most powerful magical force to ever exist. A new Dark Angel shall be born in Azulia, and the heavens themselves will tremble at her feet.
Line review
Mary Barger
Fantastic dark fantasy
I’ve been in reading slump for a few months when I spied a post from Kevin about a different series. He was very kind telling me about Winters of Alnora.
I had previously read 3 of the Rosinanti series( books 1, 1.5 and 2). So I had a feel for the writing style of the author.
As a dark fantasy, expect dark themes throughout.
Kevin made it so easy to empathize with Alnora right from the opening lines. He can transport you to this world, I totally immersed myself in the story, when you actually feel cold just from the words you read, that is a job well done from the author.
This is a short story, it made passing time through a storm fly by.
I highly recommend Kevin’s books to any and all fantasy lovers. He puts a fresh spin on his books in a difficult genre to carve a path in.
I don’t know if there will be any more books in this series, but I would very much welcome more.
Fantastic job Kevin J. Kessler.
Now, I have another Rosinanti book to get into. Grab these books, I am so very happy to have found them.
Winters of Alnora   Birth of the Dark Angel   The Chronicles of Azulia Book 1.jpg
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