“Jamaica Dead” (Laura & Gerry Mystery #5) by Karen Vaughan – #WomensFiction, #MysteryThriller&Suspense, #WomenSleuths, #Mystery, #Cozy

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After Graduating from the Crime scene investigator course, Laura and Gerry escape for some quality time in Jamaica. As usual, things are not going according to Hoyle for Cookie the corpse magnet as another murder takes place. The victim was obnoxious and not widely admired by his fellow vacationers but what did Donovan Mitchell do to deserve death?
Line reviewEven paradise has a lot of problems, but the author makes it intriguing.
By P.S. Winn
If you haven’t read a book by this author, grab this, and if you have, you will already know you have to have another mystery, suspense from this author. Laura and Gerry are back and headed to Jamaica. Of course, with Laura, you have to have murder, mystery and a bot of fun. Donavon and Becky Mitchell are also headed to the same resort and although not Laura and Gerry’s first choice for friends they do get to know each other and then Donavon ends up dead, and readers are in for a great ride involving voodoo, murder, drugs and a well-told tale.
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